Performers’ Theatre Company

Now in its ninth year, Performers’ Theatre Company is committed to presenting to our audiences a variety of plays found within the modern classic store house. Coupled with this is our desire to bring people together from all areas of society, to work together and enjoy the creative process while learning the skills of theatre. These are the two main reasons that The Performers’ Theatre Company exists. So far it is a recipe that works well and we trust it continues to serve us for many years to come!

Our Mission Statement:

The Performers’ Theatre Company is a community-based theatre company in Sackville, NB which is committed to enhancing life and culture for both participants and our audiences. We seek to provide opportunities for creative and developmental involvement for those who love theatre, and to delight audience members who enjoy quality theatre productions.

Our Aims:

THE LOCAL COMMUNITY: To stage interesting, varied and well written plays and thereby provide a means where interested individuals can involve themselves in our shows. To foster appreciation for playwrights and their plays and a general appreciation of theatre. To foster cooperation and understanding between local arts and theatre groups and individuals.

STANDARDS: The Performers’ Theatre Company goal is to provide high quality productions which are well rehearsed, use authentic costuming, props and sounds effects, and use appropriate lighting and music to help set the stage. Teaching and mentoring new members in the basics of theatre craft is part of our commitment to maintain a high standard in our work.

NUMBER OF SHOWS: Two productions a year – one in November and one in either the Spring or Summer. Our shows normally run for six performances: Wed, Thu, Fri and Sat evenings, a Saturday matinee and finishing with a matinee on the Sunday. For a summer production where venue hire is not a big consideration, then it is possible shows will run for 12 performances over a two week period.

PLAYS: Our focus is to draw upon tried and true plays from a modern-classic range. For example, plays by Oscar Wilde, Noel Coward, or George Bernard Shaw and their contemporaries, through to plays by such writers as Terence Rattigan, Edward Albee, John Osborne or Lillian Hellman. This does not mean we will entirely ignore plays from earlier historical periods or plays written more recently.

WORKSHOPS & SEMINARS: We intend to provide at least two workshops and/or seminars per year whereby members of The Performers’ Theatre Company and also members of the public can take part in acting classes or theatre related seminars.