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Announcing our 2021 Season!

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Meet our Founding and current Artistic Director, Stephen Puddle and hear from members of the company how much they have learned and enjoyed by being a part of Sackville’s Community Theatre Company!

Murdered To Death
by Peter Gordon

‘A murder mystery, with a twist!’ See our Current Production page.

A Banishment Of Poets

by Sackville playwright, Sue Rose

A comedy for all ages! A troupe of street performers is suspected of thievery and thrown out of town by the Mayor. Will they find their way home? Will the Mayor’s daughter join them? Will a traveling rogue defeat the dasterdly Sheriff in a duel? Will the fabulous Contessa de Fabuloso succeed in changing the Mayor’s mind? Will Brimble Toe finally get something to eat? Enjoy the fun in an outdoor setting.

August 11-15, 2021. To be staged in the Bill Johnson Memorial Park

The Book of Darkness and Light

By Adam Z. Robinson 
Three old fashioned ghost stories will be staged. November 4-14, 2021